Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Problems with "Russia investigation:"
   (1) Trump was an international businessman before he became President of the United States of America.
   (2)  President Trump's own wife is a naturalized American citizen who was born in Eastern Europe.
   (3)  As an international businessman operating BEFORE he became President, as with many other international businessmen like himself, Trump may have met with heads of State of foreign countries, as well as may have had to make personal or business deals, unrelated to his presidential bid or unrelated to his future win of the U.S. Presidency. And this is an important point that has to be determined.
   (4) To be determined: If, at any point, during his presidential campaign, or thereafter, after having been elected President of the United States, Mr. Trump had concluded any personal or business deals with "strings attached" to his position as future President.
   (5) Mr. Trump's fight or resistance to the "Russian probe" might just be related to his right to privacy such as to himself determine whether or not to release his personal income tax returns. To him, he might simply be thinking that he is merely exercising his constitutional rights in choosing not to disclose the content of his meetings or conferences with "Russian nationals," in the same manner that he thinks he has the constitutional right to choose not to disclose his personal income tax returns.
   (6) Such above-described determinations must be made in a deliberative, yet non-partisan way that restrains any dissimulative inclination on the part of his "opponents" to exert resentment, malice, vindictiveness, or revenge against Mr. Trump. The rule of law and due process of law must prevail. For, as Mr. Trump is not above the law, he is also entitled to an impartial hearing or "day in court."

God bless the United States of America, One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL," including Mr. Trump! *

Saturday, January 12, 2019


General George Washington at the end of the American Revolutionary War in 1783: Took off his military uniform; surrendered his officer commission to the Continental Congress; and went back to his farm to plant his crops. He was not elected President until 1789! Clinging to power is the bane of good judgment when the time is right for gracefully bowing out! Thank God for George Washington, who, unlike Napoleon Bonaparte, did not "crown himself emperor for life!" Supreme Court Justices should not die in office. They should have the wisdom and humility to retire gracefully while still alive and able to go on the lecture circuit to transmit their knowledge and experience to the rest of Humanity. Justice Ginsburg should gracefully bow out! God bless America! *


Every process, event or phenomenon in Nature has a definite scientific purpose. Look for areas where extreme lighting activity is present, then you'll discover cause-and-effect relationships between Earth core density, circulation flux, and molten magma fluidity as related to maintenance of Earth magnetic field strength.
How would the Planet's core have maintain its molten state, if indeed the Earth has been around for more than 14 billion years? What intensity levels of solar radiation would be necessary to maintain such high temperature gradients? Would not everything else on the surface burn up? Thus, there has to be another explanation for why the core can remain continuously molten for fluid circulation.
Would not the core have cooled by now without constant continuous thermo-electrical stimulation? Could heat radiation from the Sun accomplish such a function, given that temperature levels necessary for molten fluidity of Earth core, would also cause everything upon the Earth surface to be burnt up? No, not possible! Therefore, the heat-source for the Earth core is a local phenomenon.
Maintaining the core in a fluid molten state would not be possible without continuous infusion of local ever-present atmosphere-generated thermo-electrical stimulation!
And if so, where would that CTES (*continuum thermo-electrical stimulation) come from?
Well, what is the purpose of continuous lightning strikes going straight to the center-core of the Planet that then serves as "electrical grounding?" The core needs continuous thermo-electrical stimulation in order to remain molten for a relatively constant rate of rotation.
Above-surface continuum lightning activity keeps the core in a molten state. Lightning strikes possessing tremendously high electrical voltage generate a lot of heat. As lightning strikes penetrate the Earth crust and mantle to keep the circulating magma in a molten state, the upper-molten outer-portion of the core is insulated by the mantle and crust so as to retain heat at relatively constant high temperatures; hence, the core's ability to generate electro-magnetic processes yielding Earth bi-polar magnetic field.
For example, What happens when a lightning rod above earth surface receives or registers a lightning strike aimed at the center of Earth subterranean bowels? The lightning strike electrically discharges its intense thermal radiation frequency right into the rotating magma core, sums of which, keeping the core fluid and molten, so as to circulate while the Earth rotates and revolves. These rotary forms of motions, i.e., Revolution and Rotation, co-labor to engineer the Earth magnetic field as an emergent property of Earth core electro-magnetic activity.
Then, the magnetic field, in consonance with the pull of Gravity forces, is accountable for holding Earth atmosphere around the Planet and preventing it from escaping into outer-Space.
Earth Gravity dynamics are engendered by rotary forms of motion, e.g., Revolution and Rotation. What causes the Earth to revolve and rotate? Such rotary forms of motion are caused by systemic solar electromagnetic forces that impel the Earth to revolve around the Sun and rotate upon its own tilted axis.
Hence, Gravity is an emergent property of moving Matter-mass, engaged in rotary forms of continuum momentum motion, as caused by solar electromagnetic forces acting upon the Planet.
Both Earth magnetic field and the force of Gravity help the Planet retain its atmosphere, while above-surface lightning activity operates to provide the necessary heat temperatures for regulating Earth core fluidity, molten state, and magnetic field projections, all of which, working together as an ensemble, constituting the determinant variables accountable for planetary magnetic bi-polarity, as an emergent property of Gravity and electromagnetically induced rotary forms of motion, namely Revolution and Rotation.
Variations in core fluidity and temperature gradients, e.g., how hot and how fluid does the core get; and what is its rate of circulation? etc. . . , are connected to co-determinant variables directly related to intensity levels, voltage and frequency of lightning activity upon Earth surface. Due to Gravity always exerting a mono-centric vectored directional force, i.e., always directly vectored towards Earth center of Mass, then, Lightning strikes have nowhere else to go but to the center-core of the Planet. And lightning activity on Earth surface is the dynamic meteorological mechanism that provides the thermo-electrical intensity necessary to keep the magma core in a circulating molten state. *

Tuesday, January 8, 2019



Zionists are now making foreign policy for the United States of America? One of these days Americans will wake up to the fact that Zionists with dual citizenship crowd out Americans in our government; and then there will be a backlash. Then, you'll hear the litany and liturgy by Jews playing the victims of persecution: "Woe is me! Poor me! Everybody hates the Jews! O, Holocaust! O, Anti-Semitism!" The scheme: Either toe the line of Zionists! Let your pockets be picked or be branded a so-called "Anti-Semite." Not so fast, Zionists! We safeguard America against all enemies, foreign and domestic! The GAO reported $21 Trillion Dollars to have "disappeared" at the Pentagon! We could have paid down our whole national debt! Dual citizenship Zionists in Congress have Washington D.C. under siege! Figures! God bless America! *

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Mr. Cheney seems to view America as an overbearing military brawn who must continuously impose his imperial will upon his neighbors, lest they might wake-up with their eyes opened to think for themselves in freedom, while we ought to be earnestly endeavoring to preserve the good prevailing amidst the numerous "thorns pricking at our sides." Water-boarding is one of those "thorns pricking at our sides," Mr. Cheney, as epitomized by crimes against Humanity during which such vile human rights abuses were perpetrated by the CIA at Abhu-Ghraib prison, that included rape, sodomy, physical beatings, sexual abuse, and murder. Do you understand the gravity of the situation, Mr. Cheney? We're talking about public officials of the government of the United States of America, the greatest, and hopefully, not the most irremediably cruel, nation, the world has ever known! 
Mr. Cheney appears to envision America as "a bully empire" bent on doing anything under the heavens conjured up by the execrable ambitions of its temporarily elected and appointed leaders, regardless of how repugnant, abject, degrading, cruel, dehumanizing and reviling the methods and ways and means.
Mr. Cheney, and I do hope you "get my drift," we fought a Civil War in the years 1861-1865, exactly because of such inhumane attitudes as you currently hold towards Human Beings whom you perceptually presume as "different" from you! That's not good enough for this great nation! Our blessed Union was saved in 1865 so that we might no longer repeat such a monstrous folly!
But,  as we've learned throughout our history, especially during the Vietnam War and under the Nixon Administration, the end does NOT justify the means, Mr. Cheney! Errors get corrected; wrongs get redressed; and damage gets restituted!
To the contrary, Mr. Cheney, we uphold America as an exceptional nation whose wise and compassionate leadership would inspire other countries to cherish the glorious hope that their own people can also live in liberty and justice, without fear of the cruel whip of an unjust taskmaster.

Christ Jesus "became flesh" more than 2,000 years ago. But, Human Liberty, through Christ our Lord, God's eternal gift to Humanity, "became flesh," only 242 years ago, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-Six, Mr. Cheney! And we're it: We the People of The United States of America!
Like America's Founding Fathers, we lift up America as a "city on a hill" whose lights of Freedom would shine so brightly as to enlighten and enliven every form of free government on the Earth, for evoking, emulating, mirroring, and endorsing the spiritual integrity of our constitutional principles that are written in such ways that prudently safeguard the fragile edifice of free government on the Earth against the well-known vicissitudes of Human nature that have too many times plagued the landscape of Human experience, and against the preponderant tendency, the insidious propensity to corruption, that have baffled the conscience of Humanity throughout the ages on this Planet. 
 Mr. Cheney, the cruel exercise of brutish military power and martial force, framed within the vilest forms of torture as perpetrated by certain officials in our representative form of government, have continued to mar our global reputation and good will since and throughout the beginning decades of the 21st Century, because certain individuals in our midst, have put their own personal ambitions above the true interests of this great nation.
You, Mr. Cheney, are obsessed with your own reputation while we are deeply alarmed by your downgrading of our national reputation on Planet Earth. You already know this, Mr. Cheney! You, Mr. Cheney, are mortal; and you are going to die, eventually. But America must live through all time! Your stance favoring the use of torture to extract information from unwilling Human Beings is corrosive to the soul of our great country! You are not being "though" or "gong ho," Mr. Cheney! You are simply displaying a cruel and sadistic character, which is an arrogant and insolent defamation of our own national American character!
But we learn from our past, Mr. Cheney! We develop, grow, and mature in wisdom and good judgment due to our  analytical reflection upon our experiences on this Planet! The convenient expediency of selfish ambition and egocentric self-interests must not override "our greater calling," "our supreme commission" to impart God's merciful revelations about Human Liberty to the rest of Humanity! Thus, far, we've been enthralled in a great terrifying, horrifying, bloody mess! That's not the will of our Almighty Creator for us, Mr. Cheney!
This great nation, the United States of America must live on, throughout all time, for present and future generations and generations to come.
Thus, criminal torture as a method of interrogation of prisoners under the jurisdiction or trust of the United States of America remains anathema to the judicious integrity of our free representative republic. Criminal torture is the nemesis of good repute and the nullifier of forbearance amongst men and women of good conscience.
Criminal torture is forbidden by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, our original blueprint for free and just governance. And such constitutional prohibitions have no preconditions or reservations, or "loop holes," allowing our public officials to circumvent the basic fundamental principles that protect, preserve, secure and defend all people-groups or groups of persons against such debasing abuses, regardless of the "labels" concocted by said public officials that degrade, soil and abuse the Humanity of others, labeled whether "hostile combatants," "alien terrorists," "foreign monsters," or whatever words the characters and symbols of our English alphabet can semantically form.
You, Mr. Cheney, fail to understand that this Constitution provides "a broad blanket of protection and security" for ALL HUMANITY against such vile cruelties that mar the conscience of decent Americans and defame our American character throughout the world. Perhaps, to your dismay and regret, the fact is that we are not a rogue geographical territory akin to those conquered by the Roman Empire, Mr. Cheney! We are a free constitutional representative republic, a nation Under God!
You cannot contrive certain "labels" that dehumanize "non American citizens," so that you can then torture, abuse, or murder them, while violating with impunity and contempt, the very basic fundamental principles of justice and fairness upon which this great nation is founded and erected.
All Human persons accused of a crime or detained as prisoners under the jurisdiction or trust of the United States of America are protected by the noblest, highest, most universally applicable, most eternal principles of Human dignity, respect, compassion, and decency that are enshrined in our Founding Documents.
Such eternal universal principles of Human dignity, respect, worth, and decency inspired our beloved President Abraham Lincoln to prophesy: "That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — That government of the people, by the people, and for the people SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH." (November 19, 1863, Gettysburg Cemetery Address).
This "nation under God" that shall not perish from the Earth, Mr. Cheney, is these United States of America! The supreme portent of this magnanimous mandate transcends the petty transient monetary interests that animate your degrading "form of patriotism," often said to be "the last refuge of a scoundrel."
This super-arching eternal Mandate, Mr. Cheney, must live beyond the few temporary years of your own life on the Earth, and beyond the myopic lenses of your puny transient selfish interests that are anchored to mere expediencies of the present such as "filling your own pockets" with millions of dollars in money, portfolios of securities, stocks, and bonds, and other "financial instruments" that cater to your personal ephemeral, greedy, base, and "crass hoarding instincts."
Do you understand how puny your selfish ambition is, compared to the great commission with which we've been entrusted by our Creator, for our great nation, the United States of America, on this Planet Earth, Mr. Cheney?
As you very well know, given the advanced years marking your chronological age appearance on this side of the Universe, you, like all mortals, Mr. Cheney, will pass away, at the fair discretion, just will, and good judgment of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, before whose great throne of judgment you shall stand.
America, must live, Mr. Cheney, beyond your mortal lifespan; beyond the petty selfish ambitions that machinate such, your schemes, of personal self-enrichment and self-aggrandizement.
This America, the United States, envisioned by our Founding Fathers, and President Abraham Lincoln, must continue to mightily preserve the continuous integrity of the persistent presence of Human liberty in the Universe as already willed by our beloved Creator, unscathed by the tempest of trials and tribulations assaulting and trying "the better angels of our nature."
Why, you ask, Mr. Cheney? 
This is why: General George Washington who conducted the campaign of resistance against the British Crown, in 1783, at the end of the Revolutionary War, took off his military uniform, surrendered his officer commission to the Continental Congress, and went back to his plantation to harvest his crops! He did not declare himself (and he could have) emperor, king, Kaiser, Caesar, Tsar, or Pharaoh, as did many mortal men like Alexander the Great, the Caesars, and countless other puny mortal flesh craving to be "god" on the Earth!
Understand this, Mr. Cheney: What's at stake here transcends your myopic worldview, parasitic attitudes, and transient pecuniary interests! You don't live in a forest with monkeys and weasels, Mr. Cheney. You share a society with other Human Beings as mortal as you are, and like yourself, who are equal in worth and value with you, from the womb to the tomb! That should bring you some wisdom, prudence, and humility, Mr. Cheney, and not insolent stubborn arrogance!
I would encourage you to read Publius (Federalist Papers), in the context of the times in which its articles were written, especially No. 48 and No. 51, as well as the writings, declarations, statements, and pronouncements of Abraham Lincoln, our beloved President who sacrificed his own life and interests so that this great nation might live!
Our Founding Father, George Washington, embraced God's will for Humanity, by submitting his basest Human impulses to the momentous task of creating the first free republic on this Planet, the United States of America. 
Through the noble works of George Washington, one our beloved Founders, we had had "physical geographical birth." (Genesis Chapters 1-3, Holy Bible, KJV).
But through Abraham Lincoln, we have been "born again;" we've obtained "spiritual rebirth," just as prophesied in the Holy Bible, after God had created the heavens and the Earth and then Humankind, ("physical/biological birth"); and then, as prophesied in the New Testament by God's Word that proclaims (John, Chapters 1-3, Holy Bible, KJV) that we have been reborn, "born anew," not of the will of the flesh or of human biological descent, but "born again," through our Faith in Christ Jesus by God's Holy Spirit. Mr. Cheney, we're no longer merely "in the flesh;" we're "born of God!" We're spirit-beings indwelling a mortal biological body!
Think about it, Mr. Cheney: "That this nation, UNDER GOD, shall have a NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM, — That government of the people, by the people, and for the people SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH!"
As prophesied by Abraham Lincoln who summoned the sacred will of "the better angels of our nature," even as he gave his own life to preserve and save this blessed Union, the United States of America, We the People, are "the last best hope of earth," Mr. Cheney!
Not that we should become arrogant, foolhardy, condescending, or proud, but that we would be humbled into thanksgiving to our Creator for endowing us, Americans, with such a great blessing, such a great privilege, such a great gift, such a great commission, and such a great responsibility upon this little life-planet, Planet Earth, as to make us accountable for every good thing we accomplish as well as for every error or crime we might deliberately or unpredictably commit. We are progressing towards "a more perfect Union;" but we're not there yet! You're "stalling the process," Mr. Cheney!
We are all flawed mortal sinners, Mr. Cheney! But God is love, Mr. Cheney, and there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. God is also faithful and just to forgive us our sins when we confess our sins.
Through Christ Jesus, God does give us "a spirit of power," but also "of love and sound mind" for doing what is good, acceptable, right, and gracious in His eyes, not only towards our own selves, but also towards others, our own neighbors on the Earth, fellow sojourners in the Universe, who like us, are "only passing through."
We're only "passing through," but not to leave behind "a hell on earth" for our posterity to moan and groan and gravel through!
When we, Americans, have such awesome responsibilities for which Almighty God is holding us accountable, there are some things, Mr. Cheney, that our government just, simply, cannot be found doing; and torturing other Human Beings to extract "information," is one of them.
Torture, by water-boarding or any other such cruel means of forcing Human Beings to do things against their will, ought to be so revolting to us that we should swear, vow, attest, and affirm to no longer and never engage in such despicable, dehumanizing, degrading, execrable, vile, abject, uncivilized conduct. Such conduct does defame the noblest aspirations for "the peculiar characteristics" of our own American character as "lovers of liberty" with "just powers from the consent of the governed."
I thank you for your reply, Mr. Cheney and I do pray you understand the gravity of the message I am trying to impart to you, to your heart and to your mind.
God bless you and God bless the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave; one nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all; God's living imperishable testament to his beloved Humanity that a free people can indeed govern themselves without the cruel whip of an unjust taskmaster. *

Friday, January 4, 2019




Mr. Cheney, your corporation Halliburton has a direct interest in keeping us in a continuous state of war. You've become a multimillionaire at the expense of American lives, approving water-boarding as a legitimate torture method of interrogation for this great nation that is UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. You, Mr. Cheney, are an example of what's wrong with the people we elect to public office --- you have not been a public servant, but a self-serving hypocrite shyster interested only in making money and bragging about how cruel you can be. Well, "Dust thou art, to dust shalt thou return." So, "get off your horse, Mister." God bless the United States of America. We've been at war for more than 17 years. You don't have an M-16 in your hands, Mr. Cheney; neither does your daughter. So stop putting our neighbors' children in harm's way for your own personal selfish corrupt perverse advantage. God bless America! *